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The Gil Eagles Blindfold Question & Answer Act

For decades Gil Eagles has been the best and the busiest working mentalist I know. Over the last few decades Gil has performed over 4000 shows everywhere from Fortune 500 companies, Las Vegas showrooms to the White House. He is the only mentalist to ever be awarded the Academy of Variety Artists' prestigious "Golden Mike Award"! Gil is widely known as "A Meeting Planners Dream" because he can handle the toughest, most discriminating audiences with ease.

Gil's cornerstone act is his renowned "Blindfold Q & A Act." This act has it all. It's astonishing, sophisticated, funny and clean. Gil's face-paced delivery artfully demonstrates the strange and unbelievable possibilities of the mind. The audience actually experiences the fascinating and mysterious wonders of the sixth sense. They participate totally by having their names and innermost thoughts revealed. They pick a thought -- any thought. Gil will tell them what it is. Challenge him with a social security number, a birthdate, an anniversary, or even the exact amount of money in someone's pocket. Gil will guess it to the penny! Is someone thinking of a long lost friend? An unusual dream? A secret ambition? Gil will tell him what it is. Gil always presents his shows with dignity and the utmost sensitivity for the privacy of his audience. Good taste and respect always prevail.

Gil's Blindfold Q & A Act is the ultimate Question & Answer Act. It is truly audience participation without collusion! There is no pre-show, no information is ever given to Gil before the performance. The routine is done all in real time. The names, numbers, and innermost thoughts that he reveals are those actually held in the minds of the audience -- all strangers to him.

Tim Conover and I happened to be working in a hotel in Washington D.C. where Gil was also performing. After our show Tim and I managed to sneak into the event where Gil was just introduced. We stood in the back of the room and frankly this experience changed our lives. Watching Gil command the stage, dazzling the audience, and keeping everyone spellbound was the best lesson in mentalism I've ever been fortunate to witness. A hour went by like it was timeless. In the end the audience was completely baffled, lauging and thoroughly entertained. Tim and I had just seen the master at work. We realized we had a lot to learn.

Now it's your rare opportunity to spend time with Mr. Gil Eagles in a workshop that will for reveal all of the secrets you need to perform his legendary act!

Once you arrive at the workshop we take care of everything including drinks, snacks and lunch each day.

Only 20 Attendees. Reserve Your Seat Now!

The Workshop Highlights

The Question & Answer Act Is The Strongest Routine In Mentalism
Jon Stetson, Catherine Hickland and Bob Kohler have all had long, successful careers in show business. During The Arsenal Workshop we will hold a panel discussion covering each of our careers and the lessons we've learned about really running a successful performing career! To be a successful mentalist you need to know how to find clients, book high paying shows, and keep your clients for years. We know the answers. We'll tip everything we know and we'll also answer all questions you have. This is a rare opportunity to sit in on a discussion where we will reveal anything and everything!
What Makes The Gil Eagles Blindfold Q & A Act The Best?
There are two major components that must be totally mastered for success like Gil's.

First, you need the most convincing Blindfold in the world.

Second, you need to know the secrets of giving back the answers to the audience in a style that reveals more than just their questions.

Gil understood these two problems are the crux of performing a believable and entertaining Q & A Act. He spent countless hours in researching the best available blindfolds. None met his stringent standards. So he developed his own series of methods that when put together create the ultimate blindfold. When you see the Act you simply will believe Gil cannot see exactly like the many thousands of people before you who have been fooled.

How to correctly reveal the answers is probably the best kept secret in all of mentalism. Those who really know rarely talk. Gil's techniques are sure fire, honed over decades of performance. His work on this most important subject is easily worth the price of admission!

The Blindfold

So what makes the Gil Eagles Blindfold revolutionary? For centuries performers have used every conceivable object to apparently block their vision. The one thing that the best methods had in common were layers of different materials.
In ancient India they poured salt into their eyes then wrapped cloth around their head to keep it in place. Kuda Bux was sensational by using dough then a gigantic amount of cloth. Both work but they suffer from two common problems. Vision is limited and they are really messy!

Gil tried and learned all of the methods. In the end he realized he had to create his own Blindfold. It is revolutionary because it meets the criteria of professionals. First, his Blindfold is totally practical. It is also100% believable that the performer can't see yet Gil's vision is EVERYWHERE! He can see the entire room!

This level of vision has never been perfected before. It opens up tons of possibilities that typical Blindfolds usually limit. Gil's Blindfold allows him to interact on a visual level with anyone in the room! He can see their faces, their reactions to his ANSWERS. This level of vision is unsurpassed and gives you the ability to see the real reactions to your answers!

The Answers
Now we've established that you'll be able to see the entire audience and their reactions. Giving back the answers is suddenly so much easier! In this workshop Gil is going to teach you how to CORRECTLY give back the information. You'll learn how to drill down into their minds to extract more than you could possibly know. Gil knows more about how to make the answers ENTERTAINING which is the real secret to keeping the audience involved.

This truly is an art form and we'll spend hours going over the questions from the show and giving real world examples of Gil's responses, why he said what he revealed and how you can learn to master this deep secret of mentalism.
Totally Time Tested • No Electronics To Fail
The Blindfold Q & A Act is 100% reliable! Once you master the Blindfold and the Answers under the guidance of Gil you'll soon have an act that is easy to transport even on air travel, reliable, practical as set-up is just a few minutes and a confidence booster. Every detail in the Act has been time tested under every real world conditions in thousands of shows!

This Act is totally analog, no digital devices or electronics are used. In today's world using electronics can be a strong tool but at a price…confidence! You are betting your career that you replaced your batteries and nothing will fail.

Workshop Schedule

January 31 Evening Show Gil's Full Blindfold Q & A Act Performed For Attendees And Lay Audience.

February 1 Morning Sessions 10am - 1pm. Lunch 1pm - 2pm. Afternoon Sessions 2pm - 6pm.

February 2 Morning Sessions 10am - 1pm. Lunch 1pm - 2pm. Afternoon Sessions 2pm - 6pm.

Gil Eagles Workshop January 31 - February 2 2020


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